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2022 January Newsletter

Greetings from The Keystone Project and All Our Disciples in the Nations!

Thank you for all your prayers and faithful support for The Keystone Project. I am reminded of the story of Israel fighting Amalek in the wilderness shortly after they came through the Red Sea. Right after a glorious victory over Pharoah and his army, the children of Israel rejoiced before the Lord but were then attacked by the descendants of Esau, the Amalekites. A great victory is often followed by an unprovoked attack. Moses instructed Joshua to choose men to defend Israel while he sat on a hill overlooking the battle. As long as Moses’s arms were raised up, Israel prevailed. But when his arms became weary and dropped, Amalek prevailed. Aaron and Hur stood on either side of Moses and held his hands up until Israel won the battle. This is why we need one another in the body of Christ and why we value you, your prayers, and your support. We know your prayers hold our arms high in the midst of the battle, allowing us to prevail in the name of the Lord Jesus.

After enjoying family over the holidays, we were excited to get back into the mission. This included distributing food to the people of Keystone. Someone told me that over 70% of the people in this small community are living below the poverty level. God has graciously provided an abundance of food to give to them. It is a blessing to serve our friends and neighbors in this small way.

We visited the Here to There Movement Team (formerly the Keystone Project City Team) in Houston over the weekend of January 15-18. It was a joy to see them all again and go with them on mission into the homes of those they are trying to reach, especially Afghani refugees. It was very easy to speak with them, and we trust that we were able to establish ground for the team to build on in their lives. Please pray for them.

We just began a two-week training for US leaders here in Keystone. In fact, as I write this, we just concluded day one of that training, and the students seem to be responding well. They are hungry for more of the Lord, and one can sense an openness to the vision, mission, and core values we teach. May the Lord raise up many in the class to go and make disciples of all the nations.

Please pray for us as many of our staff have not been well with colds, flu, and even stomach viruses. Pray also for this training to go well, that many of the students would commit to living out what we teach. Pray for God’s provision as we begin this new year. 

We are praying for you as well, that the Lord will bless you and keep you in every way.

Richard W. Greene
President, The Keystone Project, Inc.

Mobilizing Ministry Teams.

We are excited to begin the year by launching the Online Academy “en Español!” Our first version of the Online Academy in a foreign language is now open for enrollment https://keystoneproject.teachable.com/p/espanol.  

We expect to have many people from Latin America engaging with our training through this great resource. Please pray that the effect of our training will be the launching of disciple-making movements and the expansion of God’s Kingdom all over the globe. We are getting very encouraging reports from the field. Brenda Palmer, one of our coaches who led a recent Online Academy graduate from Uganda, wrote to me the following: 

“I am so encouraged this morning as two of my Keystone students are actively working the harvest fields of the nations! It is so inspiring to hear the work that they’ve put their hands to – women of GREAT faith. My one pastor lady from Uganda is going to try and launch a training hub with the Keystone Online Academy that she just graduated from.  She is mobilizing her ministry teams to do monthly outreaches to the poorer villages, praying for the communities and bringing food, clothes, and medical care – making disciples as they go. They have started reaching the young teenage girls who need to continue in school and learn trades and have been helping them with hygiene and feminine things…. I was so blessed to hear that she is just like an ignited fire for the Lord, reaching and touching all that she can. I really want to help her continue her outreaches. And I am so blessed to see fruit… from the Tree of Life!”

Leaders in Uganda mobilizing ministry teams to do monthly outreaches to the poorer villages.

Later in March, I will be visiting a network of churches in the south region of Oaxaca, Mexico, and I will be doing a Vision-Casting Training with them. We are particularly excited about this trip because Oaxaca has one of the greatest concentrations of unreached people groups in all the Americas, and The Keystone Project is heading that way. Pray for connections with key leaders, for a powerful infilling of the Holy Spirit, and for a reception of the training that will catalyst missionary leaders to new frontiers. 

Thank you for your prayers and support! If you wish to donate toward these mission trips, please click the donate button below and make sure you add “Global Ministry” in the memo. May God’s grace multiply in your life! In Jesus’ name, amen. 

To Him be the Glory!
David Saldivar, Director of Global Ministry

2021 Interns

Keystone Project Summer Internship 2022!

Hello everyone! 

Summer of 2022 is right around the corner and we are prepping for another amazing internship. Last year we saw the Lord do some incredible things and we cannot wait to see what he is going to do this year. 

The Lord has given us a tremendous amount of work to do over the course of the upcoming summer and we need all the help that we can get. We are still looking for college students, aged 18-25 to participate in the Keystone Project Summer Internship for 2022. Please pray that the Lord would provide us the interns that He has called and chosen. If you know of anyone that you think would be a good fit, or anyone that is interested, please encourage them to apply via the Keystone Project website!

As most of you know, every year there are a number of international college aged students who come to Keystone to work through work and travel programs. However on account of Covid, the number of students who have been able to travel to our area to participate in work and travel programs this past year has been limited. For years, these international students have been a gateway to the nations of the world. This opportunity has allowed us to make disciples of these students with the intention and prayer that they would return to their home countries and people and multiple disciple making movements. With travel being limited due to the pandemic, Keystone has not seen the same number of traveling students. Please pray with us that the Lord would once again open the doors to the Nations here so that we might reach them with the Gospel. 

We do however, have a number of interns that will be returning again this year! Please join us in praying that the Lord would continue to do a mighty work in their hearts as they prepare for this upcoming summer. We hope and pray that He would continue to embolden them with the message of the Gospel of the Kingdom even more and that Summer 2022 would be our best summer yet.

I know that the Lord has some great things in store for this year and we are so humbled and grateful to be able to be apart of this work that He is doing. Please pray for us that we would be filled with the Spirit so that we might not miss anything that the Lord has for us. 

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, love and support. 

God Bless you! 

James Greene,
Internship Coordinator


The Keystone Project is a global missions network of churches and leaders committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation.

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