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Student's desk prepared for The Keystone Project Online Academy

The Keystone Project Online Academy 

What is The Keystone Project Online Academy training all about? Why should you consider enrolling?

It is a vision of God’s unimaginable, indescribable, incomprehensible majesty, glory, and power packaged in the one thing over which Satan has no power – the surrendered, laugh-in-the-face-of-death, cross-carrying, kingdom-establishing, radically transforming life of a Spirit-empowered follower of Jesus Christ! This vision contains the DNA – the very genetic code – of the Christian life. Properly implanted, this genetic code will expand and multiply beyond all natural or spiritual obstacles and reach an entire generation. It has and can and will change all those who receive it (Col 1:6)!

Online courses are revolutionizing ministry and are opening a new opportunity to take our message of fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the world. The Keystone Project Online Academy is a six-month program. It delivers a series of modules and lessons designed to equip the Body of Christ to launch disciple-making movements in the nations. Our unique teaching model includes coaching support for our online students and regional training opportunities within our network.  Click the “Enroll Now” button to learn more.

About our partners program

I Can never thank God enough for Keystone. New, deeper, keener insight and more zest for the Kingdom.”

Lillian Okenwa, Nigeria