What We Do

The Keystone Project is a discipleship training and global missions network of churches and leaders committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation. This thriving network is the result of a training and coaching partnership between Christian leaders and The Keystone Project which is designed to facilitate the launching of disciple-making movements around the world.


We Provide

  • Dynamic visionary-based discipleship training
  • Movement-launching Ministry Internships
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Training Resources
  • Relational Leadership Networking

We Don't Provide

  • Ministry Ordination for church leaders
  • Support and sending resources for missionaries
  • Denominational affiliation for churches
  • Ministry Funding


“Even if you preach the gospel every hour of your life you can never reach all the nations of the world or fully obey the great commission. SO, make disciples that make disciples that will make disciple… that will take the gospel to remote villages, towns, cities, and nations of the world - SIMPLE!”

Maxwell Okoro, Nigeria