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Richard Greene gestures to the screen during The Keystone Project Training

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On February 6, 2021, The Keystone Project conducted its second international webinar over Zoom. Whereas our first webinar presented a broad overview of our training in a one-hour session, this past webinar featured three complete sessions, lasting four hours total. These three sessions were a devotional called “Kairos and Chronos,” an introduction to our training called “What Is The Keystone Project,” and a vision-casting session called “The Great Commission.”

In this webinar, Richard Greene, President of The Keystone Project, introduces students to the radical paradigm shift that they will undergo through our training. Rather than planting churches first, hoping that those churches will make disciples, we must make disciples first; and as those disciples make disciples who make disciples, churches and redemptive communities will emerge organically out of their Spirit-transformed lives. Through these sessions, students learn the importance of walking in prophetic faith, so that they can join God in what He is doing at this historic moment in our generation. They learn why the Great Commission is the supreme missional task given to the Church – and why it is still unfinished two thousand years after Jesus gave it to His disciples. And in order to devote their lives to fulfilling this task, students also learn the biblical foundation on which they must build their lives and ministries, so that they can live a life that makes Christ known to those who do not know Him.

Conducting webinars like this one is an important next step we are taking to broaden our online programs and make our training more accessible to people around the world. Even before the pandemic struck, it became apparent to us that we needed to pursue online training, so that we could reach the hundreds of people who applied for our training but could not secure their visa and airfare to come here. For this webinar alone, we had a total of 481 people register from 44 countries. Due to some technical difficulties we were experiencing with Zoom, only 177 of those registrants were able to log on during the course of the webinar; however, we were able to resolve the issue and send the recording of this webinar to all those who had registered for it. Since that time, this recording on Zoom has had 315 views so far. In addition, the recording on Facebook has had another 376 views that lasted 10 minutes or longer. 

If you are interested in enrolling in our Online Academy or possibly attending an upcoming Training Event, this webinar will be an excellent introduction for you to see what our training is about before diving into further training. You can watch the recording of this webinar by either clicking the button below or going to our Facebook page. We pray that the Holy Spirit will use this webinar to speak to you, impact you, and equip you to begin launching movements of disciples making disciples among the unreached people around you. This is the work of the Great Commission, to which we have all been called. May it be fulfilled in our generation!


The Keystone Project is a global missions network of churches and leaders committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission in this generation.

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