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The Power of Prophetic Prayer

Sam McVay Jr. leads our team of “special ops prayer warriors” here in the U.S. When there is an urgent need from one of our trainings or international leaders, Sam notifies his team and they are mobilized in prayer. In January, the Keystone Project was hosting a small “underground” training in a muslim dominated area of Africa. This training was for a small group of Imams (mosque leaders) who have begun to walk with Jesus and who are now learning to lead other Muslims to Christ. Sam’s team was praying for this highly strategic (and dangerous) training and one of his team members received what he believed to be a prophetic word from the Lord. The name “Akhman”* was powerfully impressed on his heart and he began praying for a man who he had never met or heard of before. When Sam heard about this, he contacted Richard who was in [Africa] preparing for the training with the Imams. When Richard gathered with the Imams he asked them if any of them was named Akhman. None of them answered, but the next day Richard learned that Akhman was one of the Imams who was supposed to attend but had been beaten that same day for preaching Christ. Below is a quote from an e-mail that Richard sent to Sam updating him on the situation:

“Here is what I understand about Akhman. He is an Imam serving in a mosque in the southern part of the country. In 2009 he became a born-again disciple of Jesus. Akhman was beaten for preaching Christ, and he and his family were forced to flee from their home. They are now in hiding. The prophetic word given to your team was right on. This event happened the first day we were meeting. I have not received any more updates from [our leader in Africa]. They were amazed when I asked them (the 15 Imams we were training), if anyone present was named Akhman. They replied that none of them had that name. It wasn’t until the next day that we heard about Akhman and his family. Clearly we need to continue in prayer for them until we hear further news. This is an example of what a great blessing it is to have you and your team functioning as the prayer network (community) for the Keystone Project.”

Please be in prayer for these brothers in [Africa] who are risking their lives every day to make the gospel known among their Muslim kinsmen. Our God is mighty to save and he delights to make his power known when we step out in faith on His mission.

Update 2/12/13: Akham has recovered and was released from the hospital in early February. Akham and his family will need to be relocated because his life continues to be in danger.

*Name changed to protect this man’s identity.



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