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Multi-Cultural Camp: Houston Team Update

One Houston team leader sent us a recent update on mission in the city.

“In August, we hosted a multi-cultural camp where we were able to take 94 students, from over 10 people groups, from our neighborhoods and networks. Including our team, we had 25 laborers walking along side the students as we looked at Christ’s prayer for His disciples in John 17. Joe was able to teach 5 sessions where we covered different topics from that passage, such as how Jesus gave us God’s Word, Jesus is praying for our protection against Satan, Jesus desires for His body to be unified as one, what is eternal life, and that we are sent to shine God’s glory in the nations. After each session, the students broke out into huddle groups led by our team and volunteers where they asked questions, processed the lesson more, and made plans of action for what they were going to do with it when they got back home. Through this, God blessed us with 16 salvations and 6 re-commitments to Christ. Outside of that, our team and volunteers have targeted over 25 people that are hungry and we will be following up with in the next few weeks with our disciples! Outside of the lessons, we of course had a lot of fun on the camp site, where the students were able to zip-line, swim, play soccer, and even cliff dive. Now, please be praying for us as we go out to capitalize on what God is doing to launch movements that will reach the nations.”



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