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What is This For?

The Keystone Project Ministry Center

This complex is the headquarters for The Keystone Project, a global network of churches and leaders committed to the fulfillment of the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20. This global network is the result of a training and coaching partnership between international Christian leaders and The Keystone Project, which is designed to encourage and facilitate the launching of disciple-making movements around the world. We have trained leaders from more than 100 countries and have many movements of multiplying disciples on the continents of Asia, Africa, South America, and North America.

The Keystone Project Ministry Center exists primarily as a training facility for equipping and coaching Christian missionaries and leaders who are called to launch disciple-making movements among unreached people groups and nations. Currently, we have seven training programs scheduled through 2020 to accomplish this task. The Ministry Center is used to host these training programs and other ministry-related activities and events.



The Story

In December 2009, I was notified of an enormously generous donation made to The Keystone Project by the couple who had been the prime benefactors of our training ministry in Keystone, SD. In sacrificial obedience to the Lord, this couple had begun construction of a 30,000-square foot building, which they envisioned as a conference and training center, with a special focus on prayer and strategic equipping of church leaders from around the world. It was this property, along with the Rushmore Express Inn & Family Suites (320 Cemetery Road, Keystone, SD), which had been donated. I must confess that our initial reaction to the donation was to turn it down. We were in our infancy as an organization at that time, with two full-time staff who were traveling the world to train leaders. We did not have the time, the staff, the money, or the means to possess and properly utilize such a structure, especially as it was not yet completed.

However, after much prayer and discussion, the board of directors decided to receive the properties. Since then, we have seen the Lord’s hand of blessing on us in an exciting way. He has provided for every financial need, connected us with many new people and ministries, and confirmed His plans for the properties with visions, dreams, prophetic words from the Scriptures, and an ever-increasing faith in Him to do above and beyond anything we can conceive. Leaders from the nations come to receive dynamic, transformational training to reach unreached people groups through the multiplication of fully committed disciples of Jesus Christ, and we are seeing multitudes coming to the faith.

We delight in the impossible, knowing it will unleash the supernatural and exalt the Name which is above every name, the Name of our precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

Richard Greene

President of The Keystone Project


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