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Donating Masks in our City

Here is an article from our local news that tells you what we are doing as a ministry amid the COVID-19 pandemic!

April 12, 2020  Jeremy Guttierez from Newscenter1

KEYSTONE, S.D. — A network of churches in Keystone is on a mission to provide the entire town with masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Keystone Project is sewing masks made of tightly woven fabric to help prevent you from accidentally spreading the virus.

Because Keystone is a small town, they’ve already made a substantial impact with the number of masks they’ve provided.

“One of the big perks of having a small town of 327 is it’s not impossible to literally mask the entire town,” said Jennifer Greene, a volunteer helping make masks for The Keystone Project. “If we were in Rapid City it would take a little bit more strategy, but as of now we have enough people making masks to have at least 100 come this Thursday.”

The masks are made specifically to meet hospital standards and come with a pocket built into the mask in order to place a filter inside.

Margaret Greene, mask seamstress said “The masks we made here from the Keystone Project were three layered, one layer in the back opens up to give room for a filter so that you can put a filter cut out from,like a vacuum cleaner bag that has no allergens coming through, or a HEPA bag. Some people are using coffee filters in there or anything to help prevent COVID-19.”

Any left over masks will be donated to Monument Health in Rapid City.

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